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Repurposing an old toaster over before Passover


We have an old toaster oven that hasn’t been used for close to twenty years. When we first bought it, we used it just a few times for dairy them put it into storage. Now, for the days going into Passover when we’re turning over our kitchen it would be very helpful if we could use it to heat meaty (chicken and turkey) meals, as our main oven will be unavailable. Is there any way this could be done? (I’d be happy to leave it as meaty from now on.) Thank you.




Although there is a minhag not to kasher utensils from milky to meaty, since it wasn’t used for such a long time, you may kasher it. Make sure it is clean including the racks, etc, turn it on the highest temperauture for half an hour, and then it is kashered. You will use it for meaty from now on.

Chag Kasher v’sameach


.בשו”ת מהרש”ם )ח”ב סי’ רמא( כתב שאם עברו יב’ חודש שלא שימש בו כלל מותר להגעילו, ומשמע דבעינן שלא שימש בו כלל ולא רק לחלב

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