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Questionable eyeshadow on shaytel prepared for pesach


I had my Shaytel washed and set for Pesach by someone new.
When she was done, I noticed that the part for the Shaytel which was middleparted ( it’s a pretty new Shaytel) didn’t look right. She took out a pallet of eyeshadow and put some whitish eyeshadow on it to enhance the look of the part( I never knew that this was done/ I never had anyone do this before)
When I got home I got concerned because my daughter mentioned that some eye makeup may have actual chametz . The part on my Shaytel is in the center and I may touch it if I put on the Shaytel because the comb to clip it on is right under the center part. Also I’m concerned it may get into the Shaytel hair or into my food if it may fall in( even though unlikely)
So I asked my Rav and he said to check the ingredients which the Shaytel person did- she was able to get the product information . However the rabbi said that he’s not a chemist and that I should check out the ingredients on my own. I did, but am not sure if all is ok, but I don’t think there is any obvious chametz ingredient.
I will list the eyeshadow ingredients. Please let me know if any are a problem, or if I can wear my Shaytel without worrying:
Mica, talc,kaolin, magnesium stearate, mineral oil, petrolatum,Propylparaben, Methylparaben. It also said it may contain :titanium dioxide, ferric ammonium, ferrocyanide and iron oxides. Please let me know if I should be able to wear my new Shaytel that was prepared for Pesach




You can use your shaitel for Pesach. The ingerdients that you wrote are not problematic.

A kasheren Pesach

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