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If something does not happen is it from above


If I take a situation like applying for a job and it does not result in success is this from above. Is this telling me something? What I am trying to get at is this. Is there anything that tells us how many attempts we should have at something generally? The example here may be a bad one. But it would still be good to get an answer on this example.




When a person tries something and it doesn’t work, that is definitely from Hashem, (unless the person was negligent in their attempt). The number of times a person is supposed to try is dependent on the topic of bitachon versus hishtadlus. Just how much should the person try on his own, and to what degree should the person rely on Hashem to take care of it for him. There is no clear one-size fits-all answer. On one hand, it depends on the importance of what the person is trying to do. If it is a mitzva, or something related to spirituality, then the person has to try harder. Additionally, if it is something very needed such as an important medical issue, or basic parnassa, the person has to try harder.

Aside from this, a person has an obligation to try based according to his level of bitachon. Meaning, that if the person has a higher level of bitachon, that the amount of hishtadlus that was made is enough, then the person doesn’t have to do anymore, and the person can rely on Hashem to take care of the rest. However, if the person is still going to be nervous, and not rely on Hashem, then the person has to still try more until the person can rely on Hashem.

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