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Wife — chometz


Hi, I had an interesting question: I already went to a Rav to sell my chometz (I didn’t put down my wife’s name). However, I remembered afterwards that I gave my wife a bottle of perfume for a present. Assuming that there is chometz in the perfume (it says denatured alcohol is one of the ingredients): is a gift to my wife considered her own and therefore not included when I sell the chometz with a Rav? And if it’s not included– if we don’t use this type of perfume on Pesach in accordance with the stringent opinions, do those opinions hold that it also needs to be sold?

(I thought of an idea that perhaps my wife can give it to me for a present so it will be mine, but she is in availus and I don’t know if that can be done. Perhaps I should buy it from her for a dollar?)

Thank you!




Your wife’s chometz is included, because it is understood that you meant to include all the cometz in the house.

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