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Sell house, not check for chometz


If I’m not in the mood to clean my house for chometz, can I just sell it to a non jew, the same way all my friends going to hotels for pesach are doing and not cleaning for Pesach? Of course, in my kitchen I’ll make sure all the chometz is in closed cabints but the rest of the house I won’t clean.




the parts of the house that are sold to the goy are essentially off olimits for th Jew to enter. Therefore if you want to do something like this you will be living in the kitchen for 8 days.

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  1. My neighbor isn’t cleaning for Pesach but is letting someone use their house. You are saying that the house is off limits to a Jew if not checked-do you have a source for this that I can share?

    1. If she is letting someone else use her house, that person is responsible to make sure it is pesachdik and checked. One cannot “sell” thier house to a goy, and use it at the same time. This shows that the whole thing is a joke and that the person doesn’t really mean it.

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