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I have a software that scrapes many sites and collects the data for me.

In order that the website shouldn’t block my IP from doing many scrapes I need to have access to many proxies.

I have no clue how to do it.

I have a developer in Russia that does the whole scraping part for me, he gets the proxies and then delivers me the data.

Lately I have done some digging and another developer told me that it might be that my Russian developer is hacking into other peoples unsecured proxies to get my scrapings done.

I have no clue how this works and if he’s right or not.

I can’t ask my Russian developer how he’s doing it.


Do I have to stop it due to some developer suspicion when I have no clue how it works? Perhaps it’s only from gentiles? I pay him for the data and don’t really care how he brings it?

Thank you!




I’m with you regarding that I also have no idea how this works, however I can give you a few halachic pointers.

First of all, we may not steal from a gentile. Secondly, if a person is stealing, and a gentile may also not steal, we are not allowed to buy the stolen item from him, because this encourages the person to steal more. Therefore, if indeed the Russian is stealing the information, it might be problematic.  I would suggest that you speak to some more people that are knowledgeable on the topic, so you can get a better picture of what is going on. Then you will have adequate information to ask your question.

Best wishes

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  1. I doubt I will be able to find out, given the fact that I can not ask the developer himself.

    What do I do in case of ‘sofek’ in my case?
    (Sofek only created by some 3rd party that’s assuming..)


    1. I was not referring to asking the developer, rather other people in the trade that would know what is done. This way you can have a better idea.

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