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browsing at online store


I’ve learned that a person is not allowed to browse in-store with no intention of buying the items. Is the same true with online/web browsing?




It is permitted. The basis for what learned was because when a person walks into a store and makes it look like they want to buy something, when they have no intention of doing so, the storekeeper in a way is being fooled, and let down. This doesn’t apply to web browsing because no one knows that you are browsing. Additionally, when the storeowner knows or has decent reason to assume that you are “just looking” it is not a problem. Everyone knows that people browse sites on the web, even though they have no intention of buying. In fact, they want people to do this, because there are in fact people that will get interested even though they had no interest when they started looking. Therefore no one is being fooled or let down, therefore this issue doesn’t apply to web browsing or even to many stores. Additionally, if the storekeeper approaches you, you can tell him you are just browsing.

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