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Cancelling a reservation


Hi, we are a family from Australia who made aliya 10 years ago. We are planning to go back to Australia for a visit in August to visit our family. We found an apartment in a perfect location through airbnb (an online booking facility). We booked the apartment for a cost of around 8,000 shekels. The very next day my father called me to say that he found an apartment that belongs to a friend of his that we can use for free. This will be a substantial saving for us. The online booking site allows you to cancel a booking for free within 48 hours. Is it OK for us to cancel the booking and use the apartment that my father found instead?




Yes you can cancel the booking within the amount of time that they allow. This is the condition that you rented it. even if it is after the time , you may cancel it and pay the penalty price.

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