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Butul bishishim


If a fridges handles are dirty,(like most fridges which aren’t spotless, does one need to wash their hands after opening it,if they are about to start eating, or can one just assume it’s butul bishishim whatever food it is, and even if it’s easier to just wash, it can be embarrassing to look ocd. Thank you!




Your question doesn’t apply specifically to the handle of the fridge, but to anything that the person touched from the last time he ate something. Maybe there is something not kosher on his fingers? Maybe he touched something milchig before he eats fleishig? The answer is that if as far as you know, your fingers are clean, and you don’t specifically see anything that might be of concern, there is no need to be concerned with it. For example, there are living organisms in the air that we breath, but there is no need to walk around with a mask on, because these small minute things are no of any halachic concern to us.

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