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Books donated to a Yeshiva


Hi, I have a question, in my yeshiva sometimes people donate books, and sometimes the Rbbis in the yeshiva say we can keep them. Further than that, sometimes the seforim have names of people or kollels/yeshivas, is it allowed to take these books or would be it considered gezel or some other thing? Thanks so much



If you want you can ask the Rosh Yeshiva etc., however it stands to reason that if someone donated these seforim to the Yeshiva, that they didn’t steal them. This is even if the sefer has a name in it. Often seforim, especially if they aren’t new, are from shuls or organizations that closed down, or people who passed away, and instead of putting them in shaimos, they give them to a Yeshiva. If the Yeshiva allows you to take them after it was donated to them there is no problem taking them.

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