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Time of Shacharis


Dear Rabbi,

Regarding zmanim, I have a few questions.

  1. Is the earliest time to daven shacharis after Alot Hashachar?
  2. If one wishes to daven shacharis after the Sof Kriat Shema is passed, does he do the shacharis service while omitting the two times shema is said?
  3. Also, I am assuming that you would not give sharcharis prayer after Sof Zman Tefilla.
  4. Which time is better the the Mogen Abraham or the Vilna Goan’s time?

Thank you.




  1. The best time to pray shacharis is to reach the Shemona Esrei at sunrise. However technically, the Shemona Esrei prayer may be said from the time called “earliest tallit and tefillin”. As a one-time occurrence, (if one is traveling, and the flight is leaving) he may pray from Alot Hashachar. If this is done, one should say the Shema after the time of earliest tallit and tefillin”.
  2. Even if one missed Sof zman Kriyat Shema, the Shema prayer should still be said.
  3. We should be careful to pray the Shemona Esrei prayer before Sof Zman Tefilla, however if we didn’t manage it, one may still say Shemona Esrei until chatzos (midday).
  4. Halachically we may daven Shema until the time of the Vilna Gaon, however there is a preference to say it before the time of the Magen Avrohom.

May Hashem answer all of your prayers


Orach Chayim 58-1, 88-1, 8,

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