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Honoring parent/ embarrassing


Kavod haRav,
A parent asked me to accompany them to a garden store so they could stock up on a particular few items. I was waiting with my parent near an item that they were adding to my cart and their cart, when a man and lady came into the same section and the lady started taking items from the very flower shelf that my parent was taking items from. My parents seemed upset and I tried to “honor them” by asking if the parent wanted me to take items myself and put them in my cart (I said something like “do you want me to put some in my cart?” they said no). Soon after, the other people finished getting their flowers from that area and walked away. My question is: in the process of trying to honor my parents, would halacha consider what I said “embarrassing the other person/people?” I was not directing what I said to them, and was not sarcastic, I was almost reflexively trying to soothe my parents upset over maybe feeling like the items they wanted to get were being taken faster than they could get them in the cart…(As a side note- I really thank dinonline for helping to answer questions. It really helps me to “battle back” against the yetzer hara when I get clarity on how to behave and what is appropriate etc. Thank you)



Thank you for your kind words, they give us the strength to continue.

What you are describing does not sound like you did anything wrong, that you would have to as mechila for. You didn’t hurt your parents, and you were only trying to soothe their hurt feelings.

Keep up the good work and keep on growing.

Best wishes


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