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Status of Megillas Esther


The Gemara Megillah 7a brings the machlokes as to whether Megillas Esther has the status of “kisvei kodesh”, and focuses on the opinion of Shmuel who holds that it does not. What is the halacha l’ma’aseh? Since the klal is that we paskin like Shmuel in issur v’heter, does that apply here to? And aside from tumaas yadayim that the Gemara articulates, what are all the other areas of halacha that this shaila would pertain to?




The Halachos of Kisvei Hakodesh, and the tekana of chazal that they should make a person tameh, do not really apply nowadays. In the time of the Bais Hakmikdash when they would eat teruma in purity, chazal instituted as a barrier to prevent kisvei hakodesh from being placed near teruma, (in fear of rodents that might get near them and ruin them) chazal said that kisvei hakodesh are tameh. However as stated these halachos are not applicable nowadays, and that is why this idea is not brought in the Shulchan Aruch. The Rambam (who wrote halachos even the halachos that aren’t applicable nowadays, does write that Megillas Esther like Shir Hashirim and Koheles are all metameh and are considered kisvei hakodesh.

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 רמב”ם הלכות שאר אבות הטומאה פרק ט הלכה ו “רצועות תפילין עם התפילין וגיליון שבספר שלמעלה ושלמטה שבתחלה ושבסוף כשהן מחוברין לספר, וספר שנמחק ונשתייר בו שמנים וחמש אותיות, ומגילה שכתוב בה מן התורה שמנים וחמש אותיות כפרשת ויהי בנסוע הארון הרי אלו מטמאין את הידים, ולא דברי תורה בלבד אלא כל כתבי הקדש אפילו שיר השירים וקהלת שהן דברי חכמה מטמאין את הידים”.


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