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En-Suite Bathroom


I once learnt that it’s not k’duy to have a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom – as the ensuing Tuma might have negative impact on a fetus conceived in such a bedroom…

It could be the inyan was more Kabalistic than Halachic – still – I wonder what the Rav’s opinion is. Thanks




I have never heard of such a thing. If the door is closed, it serves as a proper mechitza, and no tuma is coming out of the bathroom. There is even controversy if our modern bathrooms are considered a bais hakisay at all, since the refuse doesn’t stay there, but is flushed out right away.  We are stringent on this and we do consider it a bathroom, but let’s not take this too far, thathe room next to it is problematic.

If anything there is a certain tznius benefit for a married couple to have thier own private bathroom.

This is my opinion.

Best wishes


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