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Cheating on a test


My friend and I just learned for a very big test that has a lot of things to learn by heart, like lashon hakodesh sentences etc. We learned a lot and we also knew it then really well, but suddenly after an hour-now we tried to repeat everything we learned and we just surprisingly didn’t remember a lot of stuff. We feel like giving up to learn more for tomorrows test. Are we allowed to cheat tomorrow on the test for only the questions we forgot, because it’s not like we do Genevas Daas, because we actually learned for it a lot. So would it be possible to cheat on the questions we don’t remember tomorrow?
Please let us now as soon as possible, because the test is tomorrow.
Thank You so much much for Your help.




It is great that you are honest! Honest people will get places in life, even though it means that certain things will be a little harder. We are not allowed to cheat on a test, as this is real geneivas daas. It is fooling the teacher into giving a better grade than what it really is. I would suggest that you, s[eak to you teacher, and explain to her that you really studied a lot, tell her how many hours you studied, and still some of the terms are hard for you to remember. You can even tell her that, you had a big yetzer hora to cheat, but you didn’t because that isn’t honest. This might convince her to give you extra points. b ut what is more important, is that yo then passed shomayim’s test, and you didn’t cheat! so no matter what grade you get, you’ll know that as far as the way H-shem sees it, if you didn’t cheat, you passed!

Hatzlocha on all of your tests!


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