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Accepting tzdokah



I’m interested to know what the halocha is re accepting tzdokah for therapy.
Bh I have an income and can pay for it, unaided, however I’d find it quite a strain having to do so, as a large chunk of my earnings would be going directly towards it. I had asked a rov previously, and he said that it doesn’t matter how much I earn, but if I would find it a strain I’m allowed to ask.
The thing is that I just got this new job, after quite a lot of davening for funding! so I’m really wondering if maybe this was for me to be able to afford it. Also, I know one shouldn’t rely on others or ask for tzdokah if they don’t need. At the same time, as mentioned, I’d still find it quite difficult having to channel most of my earnings from this job, towards it.

1) Am I allowed/would it be correct, to reach out to tzdokah organizations to ask for help with funding the sessions?
2) If so, would you know of any charities (other than JAMH)/ppl who would fund?(I’m based in the UK).

Thank you!




If you need the therapy then it is part of your needs, and a person that doesn’t have enough money for their needs may ask for tzedakah. Yes, it is a pious thing not to ask unless one is desperate, but one is allowed to ask. I can’t comment, me than this because I don’t know your finances, nor your needs, but this is the general rule.

Unfortunately, I don’t know organizations in the UK.

Hashem should help you with everything that you need, the therapy should be successful, and you should have enough money for everything you need.

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