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Do I have to do hataras nedarim?


I took upon myself to refrain from getting manicures as a way of feeling and remembering the pain of my brothers and sisters in Isreal. At one point I decided I will not receive a manicure until all hostages are home. However I unfortunately cannot keep my commitment up. I am wondering if this is a problem with nedarim?




What you did was terrific, and full of care for our brothers and sister in Israel, and many people took things upon themselves, but they never thought that this situation would last so long. If you said that you aren’t going to get the manicure, then it was a neder and it would need hataras nedarim. However, if you only thought it, then then there is room to be lenient, if you said Kol Nidrei together with the chazzan, or if you made a declaration that all future nedarim should not be binding.

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