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Getting a rabbi!



I know it says in the mishnah about aquiring a rabbi for oneself.
I used to have one who I got to know whilst in sem and developed quite a connection with him. But now due to his many commitments to the community and beyond, he hardly has time.

I need to be able to ask about halocha and also more personal issues when need be.
How do I go about finding one who I’d feel comfortable with?
I’m not any shul member and don’t live at home.

Please advise!





You don’t have to be a member in a shul in order to ask questions or discuss life issues with a Rov. If there is a Rov that you feel you can connect to, you can ask him. Nowadays it s easier to contact Rabbonim then it once was, because we can do it over the phone.

Hashem should send you a lot of siyata dishamya, in finding the right Rov for you to ask all of your questions.\

Best wishes


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