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kavod shabbos


I saw the Mishnah Berurah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch both endorse buying things on Erev Shabbos for Shabbos. In Modern society where we have ample ways for things to stay fresh, and people work Erev Shabbos making it much harder to buy and cook on Erev Shabbos what should one do, or do we not have to worry about it?




The idea of preparing for Shabbos on Erev Shabbos is not merely in order for the food to be fresh on Shabbos, but also because it is more evident that what we are doing is for the honor of Shabbos. This is why it is preferred to do preparations on Erev Shabbos. If a person’s situation is such that it is difficult to buy, cook etc., on erev Shabbos, the preparation may be done earlier, however some preparations should still be done on erev Shabbos, as this is a way of showing honor to the Shabbos.

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שולחן ערוך אורח חיים סימן רנ סעיף א “ישכים בבוקר ביום ששי להכין צרכי שבת, ואפילו יש לו כמה עבדים לשמשו ישתדל להכין בעצמו שום דבר לצרכי שבת כדי לכבדו”. וע”ש במ”ב ס”ק ב “ביום ששי – והוא יותר טוב משיקנה ביום ה’ שהוא מינכר יותר שהוא לכבוד שבת”.

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