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instant noodle soup poured down dairy sink


My son prepared for himself a parve “mana chama”/instant noodle soup in a cup- you pour boiling water onto a cup of raw noodles and then let it cook for a few minutes. He then ate it (in the original cup that has a sort of standing rim at the bottom) on top of a dirty table where my daughters had eaten their cold meaty food a couple of hours before. He then poured the left-overs down the dairy sink, which had some dairy dishes inside. I don’t know how hot the soup was when he poured it down the sink. Any issues with my dairy sink and the utensils inside? Thank you.




It is not a problem at all. Any dirt that was on the table did not get into the inside of the mana chama, and therefore whatever was poured into the sink was totally pareve.

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