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Hadlakas neiros when out of the house from plag to skiah


I’m currently in Yerushalayim on a volunteering trip, and they’re taking us to the old city on Friday night for a tour and kabbalas Shabbos at the Kotel. The trouble is, the bus they’ve arranged to take us from where we’re staying (and eating) to the old city leaves before plag haminchah, and we won’t be back until after shkiah. When/where/how should I light? Should I skip the trip, or perhaps leave early? The people running the trip are lighting in the old city, but I wasn’t sure if that was acceptable.



You situation is very problematic, because the tour is causing you not to be able to light candles! The candles have to be light, either in the place where one is eating or sleeping, and it is not sufficient to light just in the place that you are passing thru at the time of candle lighting. The people running the trip might be able to light there if they are staying there fore Shabbos, of at least eating the evening meal there, however for you that will not suffice. I can’t tell you exactly what to do, but the plan has to include the option for you to be able to fulfill your obligation to light the candles. Maybe there is someone who will be lighting candles in the place that you will be staying for Shabbos, and if you own part of her candles, she includes you in her lighting. Other than that, I personally don’t have a great ideas aside from you wrote, either not to go, or to come back early.

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