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Sefirat HaOmer


In Orach Chaim 493, when the Mechaber says to wait until the 34th day, or when the Rama says to wait until the 33rd day (for hair trimming, etc…), do they mean to say that trimming (and music) are allowed from then on? Or does the Aveilut resume afterwards until Atzeret? Thank you.



There are various customs (4 in total see Mishna Berura 493-14) as to which 33 days are observed as part of the aveilus, of the death of the talmidim of R’ Akiva. The minhag of the mechaber is from Pesach until after Lag Baomer (day 34), therefore haircutting and music are permitted from then on. There are however others that start counting 33 days from Rosh Chodesh, (see Rema 493-3) and for them it would continue past Lag B’omer. Therefore, essentially it depends on each person’s custom

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