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Hanging out with a non-religious friend


Hi Rabbi, I have a childhood friend who’s not really religious, doesn’t have the same values/interests, that a religious person would have…
I feel that me spending some time with him (i.e. to go running together,) but perhaps present a positive example and do some kiruv.

The question is as follows does the enactment or saying avoid bad friends how does that apply to this situation ,what lines does one set for himself?



Doing this is very risky. On one hand there is a chance that you will be positive influence on him, but there is even more of a chance that he will be  negative influence on you.

In order for you to get a clearer answer as to what you should do, I would suggest that you speak with one of your Rabbeim, who knows you, and you situation, and can discuss with you how much contact, you will be having with this friend, etc. in order to advise you on this. If you need further help let us know.

Best wishes

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