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A proof of hashem


I know this may sound completely retarded but I have yet to receive a clear proof that Hashem runs the world.
The times that we daven to Hashem and get answered who said that was Hashem maybe is was a fluke? I’m not a atheist or similar-I’m a Frum Yid who would be able to serve Hashem much better if I had a clear proof.
Thanks for this incredible service.




This is not retarded at all, and everyone needs to get these topics clear. In fact, when I was 13-14 yrs. Old, I had certain questions in emuna, and I went to a very prominent talmid chacham z”l, to talk about it, and I told him I was embarrassed that I have such questions. He answered me, that the fact that I am starting to think about these things shows that my mind is starting to grasp things and that my mind is growing. So, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Asking questions doesn’t mean you’re an atheist, or anything of the sort. In fact, the opposite is true, there is no such thing as a true atheist. Can anyone PROVE that Hashem, doesn’t exist? Proof? No. At best someone can say that they have a lack of evidence, or that they have questions, but proof! So no one can say that they ae  proven atheist.  But you mean to say that you are not convinced.

Ok. I will IY”H answer you, but in order to do this. I need that you should first let me know what your bar is. Meaning, at what point will you say, that if it is just a one in —– chance that it happened by itself. That at that point I will no longer say that it is a fluke. That number can be one in 200 billion, or one it 500 trillion times a billion. Whatever number you want, I need to know from you at what point you will rationally no longer still say, but maybe. Otherwise, no matter what is told to you, you will irrationally (really yetzer hora) always say but maybe it is still a fluke.

By the way this is even though in regular life you will never, ever rely on something that is only a one in 200 billion chance.

Will you cross a bridge if it had a one in ten chance of falling? I would assume not. But if the bridge had a 1 in 500 billion chance of falling would you cross it? Yes, even though, you are risking your life. Why will you do that? Because when something reaches a certain improbability, we don’t rationally consider it.

Therefore before I can answer you I need to know, at what probability will you no longer say that something is a fluke.

I am waiting for your answer, and then we can proceed.

Best wishes


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