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Pashkez whole wheat rice cakes


What is the after-brocha one makes on Pashkez whole wheat rice cakes?



It is interesting, that you are asking about the after- bracha and not about the bracha before eating them, as there is a lot of controversy if the bracha is mezonos or hoadomo. Regarding the after bracha, we always say borei nefashos after eating rice, whether it is whole, cooked, or ground. Therefore, the after-bracha on whole wheat rice cakes is borei nifashos.

As a side point, in your question you write Pashkez brand. I am not specifically familiar with this brand, and my answer is the general bracha achronal for rice cakes (and I don’t have any reason to assume that they are different than any other type of rice cake).

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שולחן ערוך אורח חיים הלכות ברכת הפירות סימן רח סעיף ז

הכוסס (פי’ האוכל) את האורז, מברך עליו בפה”א ואחריו בורא נפשות; ואם בשלו הגה: עד שנתמעך (ב”י בשם הרא”ש והר”י), או שטחנו ועשה ממנו פת, מברך עליו בורא מיני מזונות ואחריו בורא נפשות;

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