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paprika- dvar charif?


The other day I used some moroccan paprika and poured the rest into a meaty bowl of water in the meaty sink. Later, I noticed that something that the bread basket that is supposed to be parve (though I’m concerned it got dairy because it was sitting on the table at dairy meals one time too many) was sitting in the bowl of watery, spicy paprika. It probably sat there for an hour. Is there any concern here? I know that paprika is considered a dvar charif. But also, I think there was soap in the watery paprika bowl because I noticed soap bubbles.




You do not have to worry about this. Regardless of whether the paprika is a davar charif or not, the breadbasket did not become actually milchig, by merely sitting on a milchg table, as it didn’t absorb hot milchig, that way, unless someone actually touched it with a hot piece of pizza, etc. which isn’t likely. Secondly, the paprika was diluted with the water in the bowl (unless there was a large amount of paprika, and a very small amount of water).

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