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borrowing/returning eggs


I recently gave my neighbor an egg. In general, I have in mind that I don’t expect things back when I give my neighbors things, but I don’t necessarily say it or think it each time. She recently returned to me a large egg. I’m pretty sure I gave her a medium egg, and again, I didn’t really expect the egg back. Should I give my neighbor a large egg back?




Returning one egg that is one size different than the one you borrowed is an insignificant difference and there is no problem with returning it to your neighbor.

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  1. Sorry, I think I was not clear. She returned to me a large egg after I had given her a medium egg. I felt bad taking the large egg, but I accepted it, and now I’m asking if I should not have taken it and if I should give her a large egg.

    1. Tthere was no problem with taking the large egg, and you do not have to give her back anything.

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