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Davening Maariv



My kesher with Hashem is insane.

  1. I have serious ocd issue with davening marriv, times where I will get home super late (2 am.) and sleep daven.

I’ve been davening maariv for years!

  1. Is it OK to talk to Hashem sometimes without maariv, with nishmas or in my own words?
    I do feel connected a ton. but equally maariv and nishmas. as women are not mechuv maariv..




  1. If you are careful about davening maariv, why should you knock yourself and call it OCD? Although you are not mechuyav to daven, and you do anyways, that is not reason to make a mental illness out of it!? I just hope that you said that it will be bli neder, before you started, just in case you miss one night.
  2. It is not just ok to talk to Hashem, it is GREAT! Talk o Hashem at every opportunity, when walking to the store, sitting at home, or at any other time that you feel you want to. He I your father and you can talk to Him whenever you want. In fact, the Ramban says that whenever a person has a problem, (i.e. you are about to miss the bus, there is something that you have to do that is difficult) even when it isn’t davening time, we have a mitzva to daven then. And if we do daven then we did a mitzva d’orayso! So by all means daven at every opportunity… it will strengthen your connection to Hashem, and it will do you a ton of good.

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