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Bracha on at chatzot cookies.


Do we make only a Mezonos on at chatzot cookies of Alot with the hechsher of Rav Westheim זצ”ל. These cookies are simple biscuits with a thick layer of chocolate like on a chocolate bar. Do we also make a shehakol on it or only a mezonos.
What would be the case if you would not eat the cookie were it not for the chocolate layer?
Do I understand it right that if one eats matjes herring with a cracker you just make a shehakol or is this a gross misconception?




The cookies are only mezonos, as the cookie is a major component of the cookie, and it is not there just to service the chocolate. This is different then eating herring with a cracker, where the person is only eating the cracker in order to counteract the salty taste of the herring. If however the person also wants the cracker, then it would have to brachos, because then it is two main things eaten together. The cookie you are asking about is made to be eaten together as a chocolate coated cookie…but it is a cookie, so it’s bracha is mezonos.

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