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birchos hashachar


Today when we aren’t yotze birchos hashachar with the chazzan anyway, is there a maala to saying birchos hashachar in the morning the way it is described in the gemarah (after washing negel vasser, one would then say zokef kefufim when they stretch, roka haaretz when they put their feed on the ground, when you get dressed say malbish arumim etc)?




On one hand that would be a maalah, as this is mentioned in O:CH 46-1, and if this is your minhag do it that way. However, on the other hand there are other reasons why we do it in shul, and not right away in the morning. The first reason is because our hands are not clean (or the person may need to use the bathroom) S:A 46-2.  Additionally, there is a preference to saying them in a way that someone will answer amen to the bracha, which is more common in shul. Also, there is a preference to saying the brachos after one has put on his tallis and tefillin, and to touch them when saying  עוטר ישראל בתפארה(see M:B 25-13). Personally, I would not recommend saying only part of the brachos the way you are describing, and the other ones in shul, because one will end up getting mixed up and leaving out some of them or saying some of them twice.


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