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Cleanliness during tefillah and whether it applies to other things.


Once one has gone to the bathroom and cleaned oneself with a tissue, I find very often that after less then an hour the area is again, somewhat dirty. Especially in countries were it is humid (like NYC and Eretz Yisroel) I wonder if one can be presumed to be clean (chazakah) or does one have to check himself all the time? This is about formal tefillah, but what about limud HaTorah or saying Tehillim?




A person does not have to check himself, and we say that the person has a chazaka that he is clean, especially in humid places where it most probably is just sweat. (Unless the person has a specific reason why things it might actual be dirt that is there and not just sweat etc.)

This applies not only to kriyas shema, but also to learning or saying Tehillim, but as stated under normal circumstances there is no need for concern about this.

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