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Kashrut after converting


Just became Jewish do I ask a Rabbi to bless my home and Toval my items or do I do them myself if so do I put items in hot water and then into cold water plus does the hot water need to be on the heat boiling ?



Welcome! You now have the tremendous merit of being part of the Jewish nation, and all the benefits that accompany it.

In order for you to prepare your utensils for use, there is a need for you to do two things to them, the first is to purge them of any absorbed taste of non-kosher food that was cooked, baked, or fried on them (called koshering or koshering). Secondly, metal and glass utensils would have to be immersed in a mikva (Tovaling them). It would be best to have a Rabbi come down and take care of this for you, as there are numerous technicalities, regarding koshering pots, pans, silverware, dishes, etc.

For utensils that were used with liquids, such as pot used for cooking, and cutlery, the way to kasher them, is by cleaning them well, so that there is no residue, on them. Make sure it is 24 hours since that last time they were used for hot non-kosher food. Then heat up a pot of water until it reached a rolling boil. Then place each item inside the pot while it is boiling, (the put may stop bubbling right after the utensils are put into it as it cools it down, so keep it inside another few seconds until it is boiling again. Then take them out and rinse them in cold water.

It is important to note that frying pan, or baking trays, which came in contact with dry non-kosher food, will need a different type of process in order to burn out the non-kosher taste absorbed inside them- they would need that the taste be burned. This can be done by placing them inside a hot oven (the temperature needed will depend on the circumstances).

If you need any more assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Best wishes


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