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Mistaken Brocha Achrona


Hi, if I made a brocha acharona by accident (for example, I hadn’t really had a full kzayis so the brocha was unnecessary), do I make a new brocha rishona on more food? Thank you.




Yes, you would make a new bracha rishona on the food. The reason is because reciting the bracha achrona, although you were not required, (nor allowed) to say it, was a declaration that you don’t want to eat anymore. Therefore, it was a break in the meal, and the new meal that you want to eat would need a new bracha.

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 ע’ בס’ שערי הברכה פי”ג ס”ק ס”ז בשם ס’ שבילי דוד כלל שני פ”ד סקכ”ג שכתב שהמברך בר”א הוי היסה”ד אפילו אם בירך בטעות לפני שאכל כזית ואע”ג שבכה”ג הוי הברכה כמאן דליתא מ”מ יש היסה”ד.


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