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Teshuva for Movies and Lustful Thoughts



How can I do proper Teshuva for years and years of watching inappropriate movies and videos and having lustful thoughts and relationships?




The first and most important thing to do is to make sure that you don’t fall into this again. You must figure out what factors brought you to watch these movies, etc. If it was an unfiltered internet, then make sure that you get a filter on all devices that you own etc. If it was bad friends, then make the appropriate changes regarding that, etc.

Besides that, you would want to add more kedusha to your life. It is difficult to suggest something to you, as I don’t know who you are, in order to suggest something that would be good specifically for you. In general, by taking upon yourself to learn something new, whether shmiras halashon, about tznius, Shabbos, are all helpful, because they will add to your overall kedusha.

Additionally, daven to Hashem that He should help you not to go back to watching what you did.

Best wishes


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