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Notes on top of Chumash



I am studying for finals, is it muttar for me to take my packet with pesukim and mefarshim (says yud kay) and put on top of my Chumash or take my Chumash notes and put it on top of Hashem’s name and Chumash?

I have like 7, piles of stuff every paper that has Hashem’s name I rip out of pile and leave it separately it gets very hard.



While you are studying, you may put meforshim on top of your Chumash, as this is needed in order for you to study.

Even when you aren’t studying, if the notes are in a looseleaf binder, it isn’t an issue for one to be on top of the other, as they are also considered one sefer. The only issue might be when they are in a folder, and not attached. For this you can staple a number of pages, (for example each topic together, to create a type of sefer, and then it is permitted for the pages with meforshim to be on top of the pages of only Chumash, etc.

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Poskim, including author of Ginzei Hakodesh.

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