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Use Tallis of a niftar


Quite a few years back (12 years) I inherited from a Ger tzedek (who did not have any family and was an old man) who was niftar quite a few things. Of course he was buried in the Tallis that he used daily. I was not able to procrure his Shabbos Tallis befor the Levayah (Because it was in shul which was locked [i.e. Chutz l’Aretz]).
I have been married for more then twenty years and I was wondering if I could use the tallis of my good friend (ע”ה). My tallis is worn out and I don’t have very much funds, however if it would not be allowed to what can I do with this Tallis (which actually looks almost new).
Isn’t it true that one should not use the shoes of niftarim? Maybe I should also not use other clothing and definitely not a tallis in which one ought to be buried… Is there any shemiras Guf weHaNefeshdige reasons not to use these items? I myself am a Ger and can not understand these seforim properly. I extrapolated from certain halacha seforim things that were actually very wrong, so I am very afraid doing something without being 100% sure. Thank you. Gut Shabbos.




It is just fine for you to use the tallis, as the property of a ger, that didn’t have family belongs to whoever acquired it, therefore it is yours, and you may use it. the issue of not using a niftars shoes, is because of kabbalistic reasons, and it only applies to his shoes, not to his tallis.

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