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Families first


Both in Israel and in the USA I have encountered a policy in the frum world which seems to be universally accepted that individuals are never given precedence over families especially those with children.

For example, I am today an older divorced talmid chochom, and for over 30 years I have often been rejected from renting an apartment, or being accepted to a kollel, or being eligible to receive food or tzedaka – even for Pesach or Sukkos – from certain organizations because I am not married and do not have any children.

I wanted to ask if there is any actual halachic basis for all of this, or it is just a generally accepted practice all over?




This sounds very difficult. This is the first that I hear of this, and I would assume that it is not coming from a halachic perspective, rather from a logistical one. For example a kollel which is comprised of young men in their 20’s, might feel that an older man in his 60’s might would have a difficult time fitting in.

Regarding tzedakah organizations, it is possible that, you would want to speak to them in general, as to what assistance is generally available for you. As tzedakah organizations, often have certain criteria, as to who is eligible to each specific program.

H-ashem should help you out finding an apartment, finding a kollel, and getting all the assistance that you need.

Best wishes



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