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Buying from Amazon


Hi, is it permitted to buy from a frum clothing store on Amazon if there’s a reasonable chance I will need to return the item (due to size, too long, too short, etc)? Since it is very hard to know if clothes will ‘work’ before trying them on. The reason I’m asking is that Amazon has fairly lenient policies, which may cause hefsed (time and possibly money) on returns to the seller. And while the sellers agree to this, I worry many do so only because they have no choice to be able to sell there. Obviously the question assumes buying items in ‘good faith’ (i.e, the buyer will keep them if they look and fit as pictured) and returning them in unworn condition.




If you are serious about your intention to buy the product, but you need to verify if it fits etc., then it is permitted, as you are not fooling the vendor, and acting honestly.

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