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Opening Plastic Challa Wrappings


Hi, the challos we buy for Shabbos come wrapped in sealed plastic bags. Can I tear open such bags in a way that I can put the remaonign challa back in there after the meal to keep it fresh, or does opening the plastic bag with this intent pose issues of constructive koreia/boneh? I know many (though not all) poskim are lenient on opening food packets such as crisps etc when you don’t reuse the bag after you’ve finished consuming its contents even if you don’t remove the contents immediately (SSK 9:3) but I’m wondering if this case is different as I take the challa out of the bag fully and then am looking to put it back in later. Thank you




What you are writing is correct. bing that you are opening the bag in order to reuse it, it would be considered fashioning a li and it should not be opened this way with such an intention.

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