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1)make-up and 2)salt shaker


1) On erev Shabbos I put on make-up, which ended up being very messy and I got it all over my hands. Soon after, I washed my hands with soap and went to take boiled eggs out of a hot pot of water. I was able to use my hands to take the eggs straight from the pot of water, but the water was hottish (my understanding is that yad soledes bo isn’t as hot as we think it is). I’m wondering, though, if it would be an issue if I still had some remnants of make-up on my hand. Do I have to worry about the kashrus of the make-up? Or anyway, since I had washed my hands, whatever is left on my hands is batul?

2) I accidently left a fleishig salt shaker on the table throughout the week, even when dairy meals were served. I don’t think that the salt was used for the dairy meals, but the outside of the shaker might have gotten dirty from the dairy food. Is it okay for me to still use the salt shaker for meaty?




  1. The makeup is not edible, and even if it isn’t dangerous to consume, it is still not food, and will not add any positive flavor to any food. Therefore even if a drop of makeup got on to your food, the food is still kosher, and you have no kashrus concerns with it.
  2. You can still use the shaker for meaty things, and the most you have to do here is to wipe off the outside of it.

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