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Practical applications of ta’am lifgam (b’dieved)


Firstly, thank you so much for your absolutely amazing site.
Just double checking that I understand the rules of ta’am lifgam in b’dieved:
If somehow an area of the floor became treif (milk and then meat spilled in the same spot within 24 hours) and someone dropped some hot food on that non kosher spot (of the floor). B’dieved that would be okay and he would not even need a kdei klippah removed. Right?
[I assume the same would be true if someone would be renting a non kosher home for a couple days and did not kasher/cover every area and he spills something hot directly onto a non kosher area. B’dieved it would be permissible to pick up and eat without removing any of the food? ]

Thank you!




Essentially we are careful not to let our food come in contact with non kosher food or surfaces, even if they are nossain taam l’pgam. However post-facto, if the floor that had milk and meat spill on it, and is now trief, and it is already more than 24 hours afterwards, then we will say that if food mistakenly touched that surface, that the food will still be kosher to eat.

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