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Is intention to give a gift the same as a neder to tzedeka?


Kavod haRav,
I had intended to give some gifts to a few people, and purchased the items already. If I do not want to give these specific people these gifts, may I just not give it to them, or is the intention to give a gift the same as thinking a neder to give tzedaka? The gift items are books dealing with halacha and Jewish events- if I am allowed to not give them to the original people I intended, may I distribute them to others or just keep them?
Thanks very much.




It depends on who the person is. If the person is a poor person, then your intention to give it would be considered a neder l’tzedakah, however if the person is not needy, and eligible to receive tzedakah then it isn’t. In that case you would be able to keep it or give it to someone else.

Additionally, if you told the people that you would give them the present, since it isn’t a large present, it is proper for you to give it to them, since you said that you would give it, and they were expecting it. This, however would only apply if you actually told this to them, but not if you only intended to do it.

Best wishes


ערוך השולחן חושן משפט סימן רד סעיף ט

וכן מי שאומר לחבירו ליתן לו מתנה ולא נתן ה”ז ממחוסרי אמנה בד”א במתנה מועטת שהרי סמכה דעתו של המקבל בשעה שהבטיחו אבל במתנה מרובה אין בזה חסרון אמנה שהרי בודאי לא סמך המקבל על דברו עד שיעשה איזה קניין ואם המקבל הוא עני והבטיח לו בתורת צדקה אפילו במתנה מרובה אינו יכול לחזור בו כמו שיתבאר כעין זה בסימן רמ”ג ועי’ יו”ד סימן רנ”ה

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