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Any halachic concern with pacifiers?


If my five/six year old child still uses a pacifier at home, are there any kashrus concerns? Do I need to worry maybe he is eating a hot davar gush (and therefore it is a kli rishon) and his plastic spoon sits in the bowl (and becomes a kli rishon as well?), and then the spoon enters his mouth – and perhaps soon after swallowing he puts in his pacifier? I’m not certain if a mouth is considered a kli of any sort and if it can impart taste/if there is any issue.
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There is no concern for any of this. His mouth is not going to get hot enough to be yad soledes bo, or he will be screaming.

besides in general, if someone’s mouth can become yad soledes bo, how can one eat hot milchig and hot fleishig on the same day? Or how can you touch hot milchig and hot fleishig, with the same fingers? The answer is that we don’t say that a live person will absorb taste, and impart it into something else.

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