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Giving Maeser when you can’t afford it


Hi, my wife has a decent job and I’m an Avreich who teaches a little bit on the side. We are constantly in heavy debt. We are going into more debt every month by about 4000 -5000 nis. This amount is accumulating and it’s very stressful. We currently give around 1500 nis in Maaser/Tzedakah every month. I know that every Yid has to give Tzedakah, but I’m sure we’re patur from Maesser. I just wanted to check that that’s the case.





According to what you are saying, yes you are patur from giving masser. However you should still give some tzedakah every year.

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  1. I used to be in this exact situation.
    I got into so much debt.
    Please! Speak to your Rebbi or Rav about what your options are.
    Of course we all want to stay in Kollel, but its not always the right thing to do.
    In my situation I started teaching in a Yeshiva which gave more income then a standard Kollel check.

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