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Borer – Shabbos


We are learning Borer as a chavruta and came across a seeming contradiction between two authoritative books on the subject. Specifically, with regard to the issue of removing psoles to gain access to a desired item. Our understanding of the first sefer we learned was that you are permitted to move but not to remove the psoles – so for instance in a basket of mixed laundry, if one needs a sock from the bottom of the basket, one needs to tip out the clothes and search that way, or otherwise move around the clothes in the basket until reaching the desired item. Our understanding of the other sefer is that there is a principle of siluk which allows one to completely remove the items on the top to gain access to whatever one wants. Furthermore, if this siluk principle does apply, then why or how is it different from the exception of peels/derech achila/the normal way of eating which allows one to remove the peel/wrapper etc because that is the only way to get access to the desired item. Thank you for your time and advice.



Please see the following post  regarding totally removing items in a laundry basket in order to gain access.

The heter of siluk, (removing one item on top of another in order to gain access) is different that the heter of a klipa (a peel), in the sense that one of the main rationale for the heter of siluk as mentioned in the Biur Halacha O:CH 319 D:H L’echol is when one item is merely lying on top of another, it removal is not making the bottom item better, rather, therefore removing the upper item is a melacha sheino tricha l’egufo, and an issur d’rabonon. Therefore, if the items are large and it is done for immediate use, the Bur Halacha says that it is permitted. On the other hand, when a peel is removed, it is making the inner item better. For example, when a hard egg’s peel is removed the egg is now edible, and therefore removing the peel should be real borer, and merely a melacha sheino tzriecha lgufo. Nevertheless, since the normal way of eating the egg is by first peeling it, we can still consider it derech achila.

This doesn’t apply, to laundry in a basket, as the natural way of wearing clothing is not to first remove the upper clothing from on top of it. Therefore, the two heterim are not the same, and don’t have the same rules.

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ב”י ס’ שכ”א בשם סמ”ג, וסמ”ק, והתרומה, הגה”מ פ’ כ”ב הי”ב, ורבינו ירוחם ח”ח. ובטעם ההיתר ע’ פמ”ג ס’ שכ”א א”א ס”ק ל’ שכל שא”א בענין אחר לא נחשב פסולת מאוכל, וע’ שביתת שבת בורר ס”ק כ”ב שזה כמו הט”ז ס’ ת”ק ס”ק ד’, ובביה”ל ס’ שכ”א ד”ה לקלוף הוסיף כיון שא”א בענין אחר ודרך אכילתו כך. ע’ שביתת שבת ס”ק מ”ה מס’ טל אורות במלאכת בורר דף ל”ב עוד סברא להתיר, ע”פ דעת הערוך ערך דש שבורר אינו בדבר שמחובר, וע’ אג”ט בורר ס”ק י”א ושביתת שבת ס”ק כ”ז שדומה לסילוק מין העליון כדי להגיע לתחתון שמותר.


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