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New Brocha Rishona on Water


If I eat cake and drink water, and then I make Al Hamichya but not a Borei Nefashos, can I continue drinking water afterwards without a new Brocha Rishona?
Thank you.




You may continue drinking, as the Al Hamichya does not include the Borei Nefashos, as they are two separate brachos. When making the Al Hamichya, there is no indication that you want to totally stop eating, rather that you want to stop eating foods that are included in the Al Hamichya.

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שערי הברכה פי”ג סע’ כ”ד “אך האוכל שני מאכלים שברכתם שונה ובירך על אחד מהם ברכה אחרונה”.


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