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Poseiach es yadecha


A friend in pain and having difficulty with bitachon asked, “How can it be that
it says Hashem provides the needs of every living thing, yet people die of hunger?”
What can I answer her? Thank you so much.




The explanation of the posuk is that Hashem provides a source of sustenance for all living creatures, and each one has a way of getting its food. In fact, some of the ways that Hashem has created are just unbelievable. For example, a Venus Flytrap plant, has an attractive color, which attracts flies, and it has nerve endings which cause its wide leave to curl up the second it senses that a fly landed on it, trapping the fly so it can eat it. Hashem created tens of thousands of types of food for the multitudes of creations that he created. This is the meaning of the posuk.

On the other hand, there are times when Hashem feels the need to remove a person source of nourishment, often as a punishment, or as a way to cleanse the person when Hashem deems it necessary. This is done in order that the person should be clean and able to receive the just reward for the mitzvos that he did. We see this idea numerous times in the Torah, and the Neviim that there were droughts and hungers. In fact, we even say this every year on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in Nesana Tokef, “mi bacherev umi bchaya, mi bra’av umi b’tzama” (who by the sword, and who via an animal, who by starvation and who by thirst).

We have to understand that while Hashem is a benevolent King and He bestows all of His creations with the things they need, but He is also the king and the boss, and the is not a free place for anyone to do whatever he wants. There is a reward and retribution for mitzvos and aveiros.

It is difficult to explain this to someone having difficulties, as they need to hear words of chizuk, and not words of din, nevertheless, this is the answer to the question.

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