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One of the reasons I’m nervous to start dating is I’m nervous chas v’shslom of kares, like if chas v’shalom I was over a melacha on Shabbos, or seeing a parents covered part when in “sleep wear” by mistake or bratzon etc. What can be done that I know I’m fine.




I have a few comments about your question.

First of all I don’t understand why you are nervous to get married due to kares fears. Kares has nothing to do with marriage. Regardless, it is important for you to know that regarding Shabbos, doing melacha on Shabbos only carries a punishment of kares if the person knowing committed chillul Shabbos, AND the person didn’t do teshuva. Therefore even if you did do a melacha on Shabbos and it was on purpose, if you do teshuva, the kares goes off.

Regarding seeing your parents in an improper way, that is not a sin of kares, rather that one has to watch his eyes not t see other people in a not tznius way. Even if you did see them, this can also be rectified by doing teshuva, therefore these things should not be a concern regarding your getting married.

Therefore, these concerns should not stop you in any way from getting married, and you do not have to be concerned about them, and you should be zoche to build a true torah home.

Best wishes


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