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עטיפה on talis katan


Should one whose custom is not to wear a tallis till after they are married, do עטיפה on a talis katan. Also, if one who is married is in a situation that he does not have a talis gadol for a day should he do עטיפה on his talis katan. If the answer is yes how to one of the above how should one go about doing עטיפה on a tallis katan.



The minhag is not to do עטיפה on a tallis katan, and one of the reasons for this is that the Ashkenazim say על מצות ציצית on a tallis katan, and not להתעטף בציצית.

A person that is going to do עטיפה with a tallis katan will do it the same way he does it with a tallis gadol (see Mishna Berura 8-4). He should drape the top part over his face, until his mouth and the bottom part should cover his shoulders and chest, and then take all four corners and drape them over the left shoulder. Hold it this way for about 2-3 seconds, and then put it on properly, the way it is normally worn. But again, the minhag is not to do this with a tallis katan.

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מגן אברהם סימן ח ס”ק ד “ומיהו אין קפידא כ”כ בזה דרוב הפוסקים ס”ל דא”צ עיטוף וכ”ש לדידן דמברכין על מצות ציצית פשיטא דא”צ עיטוף וכ”כ רמ”מ סי’ ק”י”. וכן ע’ ערוך השולחן אורח חיים סימן ח סעיף ט, “בזה דאין זה לעיכוב ורובן אין נוהגין בעטיפה זו ואנן מברכין על מצות ציצת”.

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