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Kaddish dates


Hello, Rabbi,
I have been saying Kaddish for My Mother. She passed away Dec. 21, 2023, and was buried Dec. 24, 2023. Please inform me as to the last day I should say Kaddish on.

Thank You.



Kaddish is said for 11 months from the burial date. Therefore, since the burial was on Dec. 24, 2023, which was on the 12th of Teves. 11 months from the 12th if Teves being that this year was a leap year, so 11 months is finishes on 11th of Cheshvan, which is October 12th. Therefore kaddish would be said until and including mincha on October 12th.


ע’ לבוש ס’ קל”ב, וא”ר שם, פמ”ג ס’ קל”ב א”א סק”א, חיי”א כלל ל”ב -י”ח, קשו”ע סק כ”ו סע’ י”ז, ומ”ב ס’ קל”ב במאמר קדישין.

ולענין שנה מעוברת ע’ פמ”ג או”ח ס’ נ”ד א”א סק”י, מט”א שער ג’ סי”ג, דע”ק יו”ד סק שע”ו -י’, קשו”ע סק כ”ו סע’ י”ז, שו”ת מהרש”ם ח”ג ס’ ר”ה וכן המנהג, נטעי גבריאל אבילות ח”ב פנ”א -ג’



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